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- Programs Ends April 2024 -

Get Up To $26,000 Per Employee, Cash Refund From The IRS

Why don't more business owners know about the ERC program?

You may have heard of PPP Loans, but this isn't a loan, its a cash refund from the IRS to business owners who had employees during the pandemic. How much are you owed? 

Frequently Asked Questions

#1:  What Is The ERC Refund?

ERC stands for "Employee Retention Credit" it was established under the CARES act by the U.S Government. It was designed to reward businesses who employed workers during the COVID-19 pandemic   

#2: How quickly can I expect to see my tax-free refund?

If your business was operating and had employees during COVID-19 and you qualify for ERC you could expect to see your money within 2-months 

#3: Is The ERC Refund Worth It?

Unlike PPP loans the ERC is not a loan, its liquid cash that you don't have to pay back like a loan. It's basically like free money

#3 Is The ERC a real program?

Yes, the ERC program was created under the CARES Act by the U.S government in partnership with the IRS, you can read more on the official IRS website by going Here

#3 Are There Any Up Front Fees?

No, no catch. We help you claim these credits in a timely manner, we are experts who have done thousands of ERC applications, we are transparent up front and tell you that we only take a small percentage when you receive your cheque in the mail. Our mission is to help as many businesses as possible claim essentially free money back from the IRS before this program expires

Open: Monday- Friday 8am -6pm EST

  • Step 1: Call 1-877-782-2737
  • Step 2: Speak To a Licensed Advisor to See If You Qualify
  • Step 3: Wait for your ERC Refund Cheque in the mail


Please note that individual results may vary, the average refund is $130,000, the amount in which you will receive back is based on the number of employees you had during COVID. Despite that even if you just had one employee it would still be worth while to claim your refund before the program closes in April 2024

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